Penn State Baristas’ Go-To Espresso Orders

Penn State Baristas' Go-To Coffee Orders

Ever go to a espresso place and haven’t any clue what to order or what is sweet on the menu? Properly, we went to every café on campus and in downtown State College to ask baristas for his or her go-to orders.


Since there are 4 Starbucks on and spherical campus, it’s solely relevant to go to all 4 and ask what their favorite orders are.

Jess on the Starbucks in Paterno Library says her go-to order is a grande iced latte with blonde ristretto espresso photos, 2% milk, two pumps of toffee nut syrup, and two pumps of caramel syrup.

Starbucks on South Gardner Avenue.

Jackie, who works inside the HUB, loves the model new shaken iced espresso with brown sugar syrup and oat milk. For this drink, baristas will queue espresso photos, fill an iced drink shaker with ice and brown sugar syrup, add the espresso, and shake it, which makes the espresso ~foamy~. After that, oat milk is added to prime it off.

Jackie’s HUB co-worker, Jay Jay, orders a double shot over ice, with one pump of white mocha sauce, one pump of toffee nut syrup, and solely a splash of creamer. A double shot is one different time interval for a shaken espresso, so equally to Jackie’s drink, baristas will pour photos, ice, and syrups into the drink shaker, shake, and pour inside the creamer.

Starbucks on West College Ave.

Rachel from the Starbucks on West College Ave. loves scorching lattes with soy milk and hazelnut syrup, whereas Tim from Gardner Avenue orders an iced americano. Iced americanos are normally made with espresso, chilly filtered water, and ice.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Erin from Dunkin’ Donuts acknowledged her favorite is an iced espresso with vanilla syrup and oat milk. At Dunkin’, baristas queue photos of espresso, add syrup, add ice, and pour chilly milk proper right into a cup.

Bagel Crust

Amy loves iced espresso with vanilla and almond milk. At Bagel Crust, baristas will add syrup, pour iced espresso, add milk of choice and prime it off with a scoop of ice.

Saint’s Cafe

Grace orders a breve latte. Breve signifies that the barista makes use of half and half milk of their drink. They might steam the milk and add espresso to the drink.

Within the meantime, Sydnie orders the proper straightforward caffeine enhance: an espresso!

Crust & Crumb Cafe

Julian from Crust and Crumb orders a lavender vanilla espresso. This order makes use of Crust and Crumb’s lavender vanilla syrup and scorching brewed espresso.

Irving’s Bagels

Diana orders an iced latte with oat milk and caramel syrup. Irving’s iced lattes are very like the iced lattes beforehand talked about by Starbucks.

Oat milk started to show into widespread this yr, as large espresso companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ have made it a milk substitute. On account of I was curious and have in no way tried oat milk, I ordered Diana’s espresso, and it was fantastic!

Duck Donuts

Abby will get an iced latte with white mocha, Cinnabon syrup, and a splash of cream. Duck Donuts makes its iced lattes with espresso, syrup, chilly milk, and ice. For this drink, baristas use Cinnabon syrup and white mocha syrup, along with creamer.

Dillon will get an iced latte with caramel syrup and almond milk. As soon as extra, they make this latte with caramel syrup and chilly almond milk.

Webster’s Bookstore Cafe

Matt from Webster’s will get a brown cow latte. It is normally made with espresso and steamed Myer’s chocolate milk.

The frequent theme in all these coffees? You can in no way go unsuitable with an iced latte, your favorite syrup, and your milk of choice. And it in no way hurts to solely get whatever the barista’s favorite drink is.

What’s your go-to espresso order? Inform us inside the suggestions!

Shannon Darcy is a sophomore from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, double majoring in Public Relations and French. When she is not going to be actively writing for Onward State, she enjoys dancing for the Volé dance crew at Penn State, cheering for Penn State’s membership cheerleading crew, serving espresso on the Starbucks inside the Paterno Library (come say hey sometime!), and, watching method an extreme quantity of Netflix. If it’s essential to talk about dance, cheer, espresso, or one thing the least bit, the best approach to obtain me is through Instagram, @shannon.d18.

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