Amp up mashed potatoes with horseradish, celery root

Amp up mashed potatoes with horseradish, celery root

What is perhaps increased than a rich and creamy bowl of mashed potatoes? How a couple of bowl of mashed potatoes infused with celery and horseradish?

This fluffy bowl piles on the roots, with celery root and horseradish changing into a member of the combo. The result is a delicious side of potatoes, with an extra dimension of fragrance, style and chew.

Celery root, additionally known as celeriac, is the darkish horse of root greens. Don’t let its gnarly, bulbous exterior put you off. As quickly as you chop away the pores and pores and skin, a milky white inside is revealed, softly redolent with celery. Celery root could also be eaten raw and grated into salads. When cooked, it’s a non-starchy totally different or complement to potatoes in mashes, gratins and soups.

Horseradish will also be a root and belongs to the mustard family, which explains its peppery chew. Horseradish is normally grated raw and folded into sauces and garnished over meats. Sharp and nutty, horseradish is sort of sturdy when up to date, nevertheless its style fades and chew softens with cooking, so don’t be deterred by the amount throughout the recipe.

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